Packers and Robotic Packing Station

Spark designs customized solutions for packers bottom cover and palletizing islands for bags, boxes, crates and bottles.

boxThe technical staff has many years of industry experience and is therefore able to cope with the diverse demands of its customers.

Choose the right product for your requirements and contact us for a customized solution for you.


Case packer machine

The retail ready packaging case packer machine created by Spark is part of a growing sector of the market for display cartons with lids that protect products from the inside, while allowing for rapid opening and an easy and simple shelving system.

cartone-fondo-coperchioThe case packer machine for shelf ready tray uses an innovative technology which allows cartons of the visual box type (also called shelf-ready packaging) to be made using separate cardboard forms for the bottom and the lid.

Because of its different feed options, the bottom and lid case packer can be used with various products and to produce different types of packaging including cartons, vacuum bags, tins, jars, square bottom bags and padded parcels.



Palletizing robots

We design custom solutions for palletising bags, boxes, crates and bottles.

The palletizing robots station is an area dedicated to assembling pallets which are then stored or transported according to the logistics process involved.

palletOur palletizing station are created within an enclosed area. They require using an anthropomorphic robot for handling input lines and a wrapping machine to cover pallets with stretch film.

We design and manufacture logistical solutions adapted to suit client use patterns. This includes designing product input and output conveyors which are customised to the plant layout.