Pasta dryer machine

Suitable for all kinds of pasta, either on a frame or on rods.

Through experience and new technologies Spark have perfected the drying process to ensure top quality results with all types of short and long pasta.

Spark allows you to dry on dynamic lines or in static chambers.


The static pasta dryer machines offered by Spark are equipped with a control system to manage the entire drying cycle through precise and automatic commands, with the ability for customers to save their own customised programs.

The drying chambers are built with pre-lacquered zinc or stainless steel sheet panels with high density polyurethane insulation, ensuring a maximum temperature of up to 60°C for the standard version. Up to 90°C for models equipped with stainless steel panels and an interior insulation layer of mineral wool.

All cells come equipped with electric ventilation with forced air replacement.


Spark's dynamic pasta dryer machines can be used in continuous production lines and meet the most common needs of large pasta factories.

Dynamic chambers have the same characteristics of the static chambers but implement within them a well-defined drying path, which allows the product to make the most of every minute spent inside.

Spark also allows you to connect a static or dynamic dryer to a machine that can wrap pasta horizontally or vertically. Suitable for all types of frame and system, providing all types of support either in place of old dryers or working in conjunction.

In designing and developing such systems we take into account the individual needs of every customer. We aim for maximum satisfaction in terms of production quality, size, capabilities, plant productivity and in full respect of the technologies required.

All this complies with European regulations on safety and food contact.

Pasta dryer machine