Palletizing robots

We design custom solutions for palletising bags, boxes, crates and bottles.

The palletizing robots station is an area dedicated to assembling pallets which are then stored or transported according to the logistics process involved.

palletOur palletizing station are created within an enclosed area. They require using an anthropomorphic robot for handling input lines and a wrapping machine to cover pallets with stretch film.

We design and manufacture logistical solutions adapted to suit client use patterns. This includes designing product input and output conveyors which are customised to the plant layout.

palletizing robots

All transport mechanisms needed for product handling are part of the island.



The robot picks up items from a feed conveyor and places them on the pallet according to a programmed model. This is done in a way that avoids the stack toppling over. The taking and gripping system is designed according to client needs and then installed in the robot.

After assembly, comes the wrapping phase when the pallet is stabilized and protected with stretchable plastic film. This film permits the pallet to be flexibly wrapped and locks its stack in place.

At the end of this procedure, the pallet will leave the line and island, continuing on its journey into storage or onward for transport.



Investing in a robotic palletising system increases productivity, flexibility and profitability while reducing dangerous and heavy lifting by staff.



Thanks to its technical staff, Spark Technology is able to design and implement mechanical systems, such as islands and automated palletising units, which are tailored to customer requirements. After studying the layout area, access points, electrical installations and security fences, it is possible to develop a customised and integrated system which is adapted to the available space and accompanied by the appropriate transportation systems.

Spark creates flexible solutions which are in compliance with EU regulations. All plants receive CE marking approval.