Conveyor Belt Systems

conveyor belt systemsSpark develops custom solutions for conveyor belt systems within production lines for baked goods and ovens, supplying belts and rollers for the moving of part-processed items at various stages of production. 

All the belts supplied are custom-designed according to the layout of the particular production environment, and the particular movement requirements so acting as a reliable facilitator for a correct manufacturing process.

We also design and supply the deflection points all constructed to avoid damage to the fragile product during processing.



  • All the conveyor belt systems are built with a Aisi 304/316 brushed stainless steel frame, sanded and painted with RAL standard powder coating;
  • Offloading side flanked with a return belt;
  • Mechanical workings on the underside of the belt, with tension and linear-correction rollers;
  • Surface and side dust protection via transparent polycarbonate panels 
  • Underside protection via electro-welded netting positioned in line with, and to protect, the supporting rollers ;
  • ll the belts (carpets) are especially for use in closed-loop food production 
  • Turn system designed and built in stainless steel complete with pneumatic accessories, micro-vibrator and all regulation devices.


Our conveyor belt systems always come complete with all the electric and pneumatic plant and controls. They also come ready for attaching to mains electricity, specific instrumentation and all that is required for a complete turnkey solution.

pasta conveyor Belt