Dough mixing units for pasta makers

Spark Technology is able to produce various configurations of dough mixing units to meet the specific needs of each pasta factory.

Our experience in designing and producing mechanical systems enables us to work on existing installations, to adapt them according to the company’s latest demands and enhance the existing units with new accessories to meet new production requirements.

Here are some of our products:



Centrifugal pre-kneader with dosing unitThe centrifugal pre-kneader with automatic dosing system is a machine which is commonly used in pasta production to create dough mixes using the best methods, mixing semolina (or other flours) with water, egg and other ingredients, in the right quantities, such that any type of pasta can be produced using this mixing unit. The purpose of the pre-kneader is to blend and mix the ingredients so that the liquids are uniformly distributed, hence improving the quality of the dough.

Its automatic system enables the continuous production of dough mixes without the need of an operator present, guaranteeing low energy consumption and high productivity.

The functioning of the pre-kneader is fairly simple, an upstream screw feeder dosing system, complete with bridge breaker, allows for the regulation of the quantity of ingredients prior to mixing; the unit fea-tures tangential injection of liquids (water and egg). The blending of the ingredients is achieved using a paddlewheel rotor with an unloading outlet at the base of the unit.

In addition, the unit is fitted with an electronic volumetric dosing system suitable for incorporating extra ingredients.


A machine made entirely of stainless steel and equipped with the following apparatus:

  • Container for flow of flours and powders, complete with safety standards and bridge breaking stirrer shaft
  • High precision volumetric screw feeder dosing system in stainless steel for flours and powders
  • Volumetric dosing for water/liquids
  • Pre-blending cylinder with screw feeder, can be disassembled for cleaning
  • Main centrifugal blending cylinder fitted with a bladed shaft which can be disassembled for cleaning


  • Dosing unit for egg or other added liquids
  • Microfeeder for powders
  • Special hoppers for the feeding of flours
  • PLC control of dosing and recipes

La macchina viene fornita, dopo analisi delle esigenze e sopralluogo del sito di produzione, completa di tutti gli accessori e strumentazioni tecniche e di sicurezza.



Spark’s kneading basin is supplied to both artisan producers and large-scale pasta factories who require automatic machinery to produce dough mixes. This is because the equipment is easy to use and provides flexibility when cleaning.

The kneading basin consists of a container, inside of which are one or more extractable mixing shafts, fit-ted with blades which help to perfectly mix the dough made of flour, water and egg (the dough will have already been blended in the pre-kneader).

After having been kneaded in the basin, the dough passes through a rotating capsule into a second vacuum-sealed basin where it is subsequently compressed inside cylinders by compression screws. Finally, the dough is pressed onto the cylinder heads and is thus ready for extrusion through dies made of bronze or Teflon.



  • Centrifugal pre-kneader 
  • Dosing unit for egg or other added liquids
  • Feeding of flours and powders from silos or loading hoppers
  • Possibility of automatic waste recovery

All machinery produced and sold by Spark Srl is made entirely of stainless steel, in accordance with EC regulations, with components in plastic which are ideal for food use.