Pasta drying tray


Pasta drying traySpark Ltd. offers a wide range of pasta dring trays which have a stainless steel frame, food grade anodized aluminium profiles and PES mesh netting certified for food contact.

Our company offers an innovative high-performance technological option for drying or dehydrating fresh food products that takes into account the rigorous sanitation standards applied to food processing machinery.

Our trays are made with anodized, light-alloy aluminium and polyester mesh netting, making them suitable for all types of static drying.

These trays can be employed in any type movement, whether manual or mechanised, since they are extremely strong and resilient.


  • Lightweight, sturdy, easy to handle and crushproof
  • Manufactured in an anodized aluminium alloy
  • Smooth and easy operation minimises friction wear on the trays
  • No sharp edges
  • Shaped aluminium profile with interlocking guides
  • PES mesh netting certified for food contact
  • Fully cleanable



  • DRYING TRAYS with a LOW PROFILE: 30 mm, suitable for sheets of pasta and lasagne, special products and smaller pastas;
  • DRYING TRAYS with a STANDARD PROFILE: 50 mm, suitable for standard types of pasta;
  • DRYING TRAYS with a HIGH PROFILE: 70 mm, suitable for special and large volume pastas.



Spark Ltd. also offers a repair service which provides guaranteed servicing of GM-type trays. This includes the total revamping of worn and time-damaged trays and the possibility of replacing not only the netting, but also any aluminium profiles that might become damaged.

The trays are also completely disassembled and thoroughly cleaned to restore the hygienic standards required for use.

Spark Ltd. also offers trays with wooden frames for use in production lines using static drying cells.