Italian pasta machines for professional pasta maker

Spark Srl is a company with over 20 years of experience in the design, construction, assembly, maintenance and servicing of food industry systems and machinery for pasta factories, bakeries and the packing of loose and wrapped products of all types, as well as handling systems for everything from loose products to full pallets.

Over the years, the company has in fact designed and manufactured systems of many types, also carrying out maintenance operations and repairs – including dismantling, renovation, modernization and installation for components and complete machines – always succeeding in offering customers efficient solutions of the latest generation.

The staff of Spark Srl, made up of professional experts in the sector with many years of experience and significant technical training, has allowed the company to form an operating team capable of following the development of projects from the initial phase in which customer needs are carefully analysed through to customized designs and the construction of the system and the supervision of its installation and start-up.

With its in-house mechanical workshop and specialized technicians with considerable expertise in many fields, Spark Srl is able to offer innovative services based on a production philosophy that closely follows all aspects of construction or reconditioning, from metalworking for structures through to mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical components for automation and control.