Industrial machinery for dried pasta, fresh pasta, cous cous and ready meals. Ideal in the production of long pasta, short, nests, lasagne and pasta.

Spark presents its range of machines and equipment for pasta factories.

Pasta machines, mixers, presses and extruders, sheeters, and matassatrici nesting machines, dryers and paste frames ...

Spark offers a wide range of pasta machines for the various needs of professionals of Italian gastronomy.

Search the most suitable product for your needs and contact us for a customized solution for you.

centrifuga e gruppi impasto

Dough groups
Pre-mixers and customizable mixers

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pressa impastatrice automatica con estrusione sottovuoto

Extruder pasta machine
Customized machines for our work

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pasta sfoglia lasagna

Lasagna Machine
Customize thick, shape and roughness

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Scrap recovery machine
Do not throw fresh scraps

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Dosatori alimentari

Dosing units
Volumetric or piston batcher

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Pasta drying tray
Aluminum frames for drying

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Conveyor Belt Systems
Transport unit in stripsi

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Drying cells
Dynamic and Static cell

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