Pasta scrap recovery machine

Pasta scrap recovery machineSpark has developed various systems of scrap recovery for use in pasta making. This unit allows the shredding and recovery of dough scraps produced during the fresh pasta making process as the result of trimming, format changes and cutting dough sheets.

It also allows the recovery of other scraps resulting from the production process that need to be crushed and shredded.

Spark recovery systems produce a processed scrap small enough to be re-hydrated and re-kneaded easily. The procedure involved guarantees a high recovery rate and a resulting reduction in waste disposal costs.

Spark Technology's 30 years of experience in the sector guarantees that the machines they produce are robust, carefully designed and built and virtually self-cleaning. The crushed and shredded product which results has a uniform and consistent particle size similar to the starting dough used to prepare fresh pasta. For this reason, it is perfectly suited for adding to the starting dough.

Main components of the machine


Fresh Pasta ShredderThis consists of a grinding and chopping unit comprised of a stainless steel tank with a motorized axle and cutting knives with adjustable blades. Fixed control blades are also installed at the bottom of the tank for further processing of the product. The amount of product sent to the press can be regulated via an electronic probe (OPTIONAL).


This is comprised of a high-pressure centrifugal fan for transporting the finished product from the hopper to the linked shredder assembly.


There is an electrical control for the entire system which has a cable and 380 V plug.


The whole device is mounted on a stainless steel trolley with wheels.