Dosing units for pasta

Dosing units for pasta

Spark Ltd is dedicated to providing dispensers and measuring units that are compatible with all types of equipment.

The dispenser is intended to gradually add well-defined quantities of product in the stream or in the main product mass.

Since the dispensers have to be used with products of variable quantities and types, they are constructed in different shapes and sizes.

In its standard form, the dispenser consists of an upper container with an internal motor-driven shaft that contains the fluid product.

The bottom part features an extraction hydraulic machine driven by a geared motor. In the case of products that are less fluid, a twin cylinder is used.

It is advisable to place the machine over one or more lading cells to have instant control of the rate of flow and to ensure greater precision in the dosage, adjusting the extraction speed as needed.


This is an electronic system with a flow metre and the flow is controlled by the modulation of semolina in weight-volume percentages. The unit is equipped with a pressure regulator, a filter for liquids, a pneumatic regulating valve, a flow metre, and a solenoid shut-off valve.

The liquid measuring unit is supplied pre-assembled and comes complete with all the technical equipment, including the shut-off valves, the water pressure regulator, the filter, the pressure gauge, the electronic magnetic flow metre with ceramic water passage and the modulating valve fluid control.


This is a semolina feeding system by CENTRIFUGA. The semolina measuring system with plastic hydraulic feeding machine is controlled by an inverter and by PLC, with a ratio of weight-volume and real-time reading of semolina flow rate. It is equipped with a stirring bridge breaker and a lantern with a viewing window.

The flour measuring unit (semolina/ flour) is designed with a fully stainless steel frame with an industrial hopper collecting zone for semolina, complete with a motorised reeling bridge breaker to allow continuous semolina emulsion.