Nest Pasta Machine and Lasagna Maker

Nest pasta machineThe equipment designed by Spark enables the production of all type of traditional pasta shapes: nests, coils and lasagne.

In fact, Spark Technology can provide nest pasta machines and lasagna makers machines to shape pasta, responding optimally to every requirement of the production process and ensuring high flexibility for the manufacturing of either laminated sheets or drawn pasta.


The nest pasta machine is a classic piece of machinery used in small, medium and large food industries. The proposed designed allows the use to easily change settings utilised customised removable and replaceable equipment, available in all diameters, round or oval.


The machine can also be combined with a lasagna-maker that, using integrating adjustable knives, enables maximum flexibility in producing the desired type of pasta.


  • Stacking device for lasagne sheets to be packaged in trays
  • Count-pieces for stacking the number of sheets desired and down loading them on the underlying carpet
  • On request, it is possible to insert a sheet of paper placed between the sheets of pasta

The shaping equipment in the case of laminated sheets of pasta is preceded by double roller cutters that enable the cutting of pasta strands for nest-making or coiling in the most varied shapes possible including tagliatelle, tagliolini, pappardelle, capelli d’angelo, and spaghetti alla chitarra.

All our machines are capable of production in a continuous cycle, as their fully automated operation is controlled by PLC. Through the programming keypad, it is easily possible to select the type of format, size, desired shape and length of nests or lasagne, which after moulding are automatically stretched on drying frames.



Lasagne Makers MachineFor the production of puff pastry dough, Spark offers mill sheeters that can be configured to meet different requirements. These machines are designed and developed to continuously feed the forming machines.

Spark machines offer various possibilities:

  • Rolls up to 300mm in diameter
  • Pastry calibration
  • Manual adjustment, power assisted and via panels

Spark Ltd is innovative in the world of lamination due to its technology’s ability to obtain pasta sheets with a degree of roughness on demand, tailor-made to the preferences of the pasta maker and possible through the use of special rollers.

All this machinery complies with European regulations in terms of safety and food contact.